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Die FEIER ON THE MOUNTAIN fand in den Jahren 1995-1999 sowie letztmalig 2006 auf dem Gelände der Rautsch-Hütte Nordrach im Schwarzwald statt.Dreh den Sound auf,lehn Dich zurück und klick Dich durch ein Fest,von dem die Tiere des Waldes hoffentlich noch lange erzählen werden.Es war eine geile Zeit!

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FEIER ON THE MOUNTAIN 1997-review by Phil Demetrion-Relix European correspondent PHIL DEMETRION´s report on the Black Forest weekend...It had been a year since I´d gotten together with all the German Deadheads at a memorable gathering in Potsdam -although a few of us had run into each other in an interim at Phish concerts in Amsterdam and Paris - but now the German heads were convening for Feier on the Montain III, a long weekend in the Black Forest, August 21-25. "Feier" is the German word for party and believe me we were ready to party! After a long but easy road journey, my wife Marti and I, accompanied by our pal Philos Guerra, an impresario from the Eyes of the World events production organisation in Paris, drove into the charming little Schwarzwald town of Nordrach in the late afternoon of Friday the 22nd.We found an inviting sidewalk café that had been mentioned in the event announcement mailing. I parked our rental car out front,and we walked over to a TABLE where we were warmly welcomed by one of the events organisers Gerd Baumann, and his wife Beate. We didn´t know these folks beforehand, but Gerd´s tie-dyed teeshirt was a Dead giveaway!Between Marti´s long dormant German (she grew up a U.S. army brat and lived in Germany for a time as a child) and the Baumann´s serviceable English, we soon established that everything was in good order up on the mountain. A number of Heads had arrived on Thursday, set up the site in the Rautsch cavern, and had partied to primo tapes and CDs long into the night.Tonight the Heidelberg-based American duo, the Goodman brothers, would play a couple of live sets. Gerd and Beate had come down into town to shop for a few items in the grocery store next to the café. They kindly offered to lead us up to the site whenever we were ready.Marti and I went looking for the café owner Siggy (Siegfried) who had made lodging arrangements for us at the lovely old farmhouse next door. Philos, like most of the heads, would be camping on the mountain.At the farmhouse, Marti engaged in a long involved broken-German conversation with Frau Spitzmüller about the cost of the room and the time for breakfast, but finally we settled in and returned to join Philos, Gerd and Beate at the grocery store.The deal on the mountain was that for an additional 5DM each night you had had access to a beautiful dinner buffet of delicious salads, veggies, fruit, breads and desserts. Fires were available for grilling anything you cared to add to your dinner. And of course there was a bar where beer was available at all hours.That´s where we found our buddy Ralph M., Grand High Guru of the German Deadheads, wearing a cowboy hat and a wining grin. Ralph is a big, burly, salt of the earth guy if ever there was one. He´ll give you the shirt off his back but more importantly will fill your hands with the tastiest Dead, Phish and Zero tapes you´ve ever heard . And he expects nothing in return.He even called to diss me once after I had written in RELIX that he showed up in Potsdam with a boxful of tapes to trade. "Phil", he shouted, "I give people tapes. I don´t trade. If someone has a tape they think I´d like and offers it to me, that´s OK."After bear-hugging Ralph, we looked around and found other old and new Head friends. Linus Sheffran, my tour guide last year in Berlin and Postdam and a frequent contributor to this newsletter, was there. Like Ralph, he he had subsequently come to stay with us for fun times in Paris. We introduced ourself to Hajo Lorenz, the moving force behind this years gathering. He is a great guy who has been working continuously to to make this third Black Forest Feier the best so far.As far as we could see, he had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. The decorations and the sound system and the deep forest ambience couldn´t be beat. Together with his crew, Hajo had taken a bend in a mountain road and transformed it into a compact, self-contained festival site.A rustic building housed the kitchen, as well as a large room for the buffet and hanging out, plus shower and toilet facilities.Hajo´s wife Moni led a working ad-hoc kitchen crew that turned out all the delicious veggie buffets. Everyone helped in the communal kitchen. Walk in and find dirty dishes in the sink? Wash ´em and boogie on back to the music.Upstairs in the cabin was a loft where musical instrument were stored and the sound and light system was controlled. A series of picnic TABLEs and benches where small groups of Heads could hang out, flanked one side of the building. A TABLE towards the back shortly became known as The Stoners´ TABLE. Some of those guys hardly ventured away from their prime real estate for the entire weekend!As Friday evening drew on, more Heads arrived from all around Germany. Rudi Tewes, a longtime trading partner of mine from Sassenberg, arrived and met Marti for the first time. Rudi had a sack of smokin´ Phish 97 Euopean Tour tapes for me and I´d been spinning tapes for him and Ralph all week in Paris. We met a couple of American Deadheads, Marguerite McLamb and Michael Kelly, from the U.S. army base at Darmstadt. Marguerite helped keep the Dead dancin´ going all weekend, while Mike helped hold the bar steady.A German couple Geli and Karl, brought their three super kids for a fun freaky weekend in the forest.We hung out with Billy and Frank Goodman, explaining that we had listened to their tape Crooked Smile during the five hour drive from Paris. I told them how much I enjoyed the songwriting on this mostly acoustic production, which features Zero´s Bobby Vega on bass and was co-produced by New Rider Rusty Gauthier. (You can write for a copy to Trinity Records Inc, PO Box 151268, San Rafael, CA 94915, USA).They did a number of tunes from Crooked Smile in their wonderful show this evening plus some great covers such as "Willin´", "Going Down the Road Feeling Bad", and a jammy first set closer of "Good Shepherd". Billy Goodman had played second guitar and roadied for Jorma Kaukonen on a few tours, and this salute to his friend appears as the only cover on Crooked Smile. The duo´s sweet harmonies, deft acoustic picking and soothing melodies were good tonic for tuckered heads who had spent long hours on the autobahns and autoroutes. A contingent of French Deadheads had arrived, including members of the Paris-based Deadicace, who would play Saturday night, . The French Heads - among them Michel Ravinet, a long time suppporter of Deadicace and earlier Parisian Dead cover bands -- were grateful for the opportunity to meet again with German heads who had travelled to Eyes of the World gatherings in the past. Ralph M. was particularly thrilled by what he called the German-French connection.The Goodman Brothers performed two generous sets under the stars, the coloured lights and the wonderfully cheesy mirror ball effects that somehow seemed right in place under the tall trees of the Schwarzwald. Folks swayed to fine Goodman ballads like "Girl Unusual", "Teardrops will Fall", and "Where Are You Tonight?" and danced to their well-chosen, uptempo covers late into the night.The next day Marti and I, hardcore city dwellers, decided to take a drive around the beautiful Rhine Valley... Around the beautiful Rhine valley, crossing back to France at one point, and then returning by the tiny auto ferry at Rheinau. In the late afternoon we drove up the mountain to the Rautsch, where Deadicace was setting up for a soundcheck.In true GD tradition, they entertained the assemblage with a lengthy warm-up session that included a first time version of Stephen Stills´ "Love the One You´re With" and "Eyes of the World". The soundcheck served as a first rehearsal for this particular version of the band which featured Alex Manconi and Stephan Missri on guitars, Charles Jannic, bass, and drummer Christophe Rossi.Because keyboard players Bill Giles and Jean-Michel Laugier were both away on vacation, Christophe quickly dubbed the stripped-down line-up "our garage band".This guitar-oriented edition of Deadicace really rocked. While the keyboard fills were missed, solos and jams seemed more concise and focused. The resulting crispness served to freshen the familiar repertoire. Veterans in the audience like Michel Ravinet noted the difference right away. After only a soundcheck rehearsal in this formation, the guys were cookin´!Highlights of their two long sets included "Viola Lee Blues", "Sugaree", a second set opening sequence of "Dark Star" into "Cryptical/The Other One" into "Stella Blue" (sung in French!), a rockin´ "Shakedown Street" and encores of "New Speedway Boogie" and a "Not Fade Away", which of course was completed by the jubilant crowd. One More Saturday Night indeed!Most Heads left the site on Sunday, with Dead tunes still echoing from the mountainside. Rudi Tewes put it best a few days later when he praised "...Hajo´s major majestic event! The whole action and power I got from this is just incredible to feel." The weather had been fine and everyone was caught up in the natural beauty of the place and the in spirit of Head conviviality.Next year, Rudi says, he´d like to see more Heads than the nearly one hundred who attended. "So, maybe... if the word goes ´round... this is really a place to boogie once a year in great style!"Phil DemetrionParisFEIER ON THE MOUNTAIN 1997- review by Walter S. Hahn-The 97 Black Forest "Feier on the Mountain" Gathering on a place called "Rautsch" in the Central Black Forest was a five-day event you wish had attended. The majority of Heads gathered between Friday night and Sunday afternoon but there were already some there on Thursday and there were some 15 left on Monday to help clean the place up.The live gigs were Goodman Brothers who played Ripple and Truckin´ on request (after a very good and original set) and Deadicace from Paris.Both bands were worth the trip. As promised, the music never stopped, however, as live tapes of GD, JGB, Phish and Zero were played almost all night long. Still, people who wished to go sleep before day-break, found the camping-ground just a little below the party-ground silent.The Rautsch is a place like you´ve ever fancied the Black Forest to be. The spring water that you can drink both outside the cavern and on the camping-site, tastes like water can taste. The views are phenomenal, and you have the feeling you are in a really beautiful spot of the world. The scene was VERY relaxed, the food was excellent and the whole event well organized by Hajo and company. Come 1998 from August 20th till August 24th.FEIER ON THE MOUNTAIN 1998 -by Japanese Deadhead Arimi-1998 summer became unforgettable summer in my life.The whole story began at Katmandu, Nepal. I met a wonderful and lovely Reiki master who were wearing special T-shirt that has melting skeleton on his breast. I immediately recognized that he was a deadhead. This is how Alfredo and I started our great friendship. He became my respectful Reiki master as well as my best friend.After few days have passed when I went back to Japan from India, I received one invitation from Germany, the back side of the globe. There was a blue flier inside with a title which made me really really hot, "German deadhead Summer 98/ FEIER ON THE MOUNTAIN" (Rautsch Cavern, Black Forest August 20-24). Thanks, Alfredo!No more than a month stay in Japan, I was standing on Frankfurt airport.I was too passionate to carefully think about my budget to go to Germany. Not enough money left in my poor saving, but WHO CARES!!! German DEADHEAD party was definitely attractive enough to draw me all the way to Germany.Alfredo and I hitchhiked to the Black Forest. Since hitchhiking is not so common in my country, it was really exciting experience to me. Isn’t it wonderful that my first hitchhiking experience is the way to German Deadhead party?! I just can’t explain how I felt when I finally arrived at Rautsch and met Hajo and all the German Deadhead family. They were all super friendly and sweet like I exactly expect. Yes, they are Deadheads! They welcomed me with a great smile.My boyfriend in Japan (he is also deadhead) advised me to bring DAT so that I can record the live shows just like the real Dead shows. Thank him, it was right to bring DAT with me. I was able to record wonderful live shows of DEADICACE, SCHLUFF JULL and BILLY GOODMAN & THE VIRGINS. These became the best souvenir and a present to Japanese Deadheads.Three bands were all so unique and had their own tastes of music that I could hardly believe my ear. They were GREAT! Schluff Jull mainly played their original songs which were fantastic. What I really like about them was that I could feel the warmth in their music. Their music was alive, very heart-warming but full of energetic rhythm. I like them so much.Deadicace played Dead songs perfectly but somehow very original. Especially I think they did great improvisation. I was dancing like crazy and my mind was just floating around the air during the improvisation. Wow, that was great!Billy Goodman & The Virgins, well , they are famous enough that I guess I don’t have to say anything. They were so professional. They were just mind-blowing! If you want to know what I’m saying, just listen to their music then you’ll know.Three dreaming days passed so quickly and still remain deeply in my mind. It was great to share this wonderful experience with German Deadheads. I would like to give special thanks to Hajo and Ralph and the families about giving me a chance to join this beautiful party. One thing I really want to point out last is how they make this party. They were all working together, caring each other, sharing same goal, "Let’s make a great party to have fun!". There were no borderline between the staffs and audiences. I think this is the reason why the party was a great success despite the unfriendly weather. Sun was shining so bright inside every deadheads’ mind.Arimi from TokyoFEIER ON THE MOUNTAIN 1998 - review by Björn Eric Münz-Yeah, and so it happened..."It was the worst time of our lives, it was the best time of our lives."To be exact it was the worst weather in seven weeks - but it was the best celebration in (at least) seven years: "Feier On The Mountain IV, 1998" the traditional summer meeting organized by some - and for all the Germanheads. Yes, there still are some of them (in fact "We are everywhere"). It had surely been "a long strange trip". But once you had found your way through the deepest jungle of the Black Forest (and it was - indeed - black as night) and you could find the "Rautsch" almost high above the clouds, you were rewarded with a real goody!People from (almost) all over Europe, the U.S. and even Japan gathered together in a "mountain lodge" and keeping the flame alive - just ignoring the angry forces of the rather unfriendly weather-gods. And there was music everywhere (although only very few were "dancing in the street"):The soundsystem presented the latest livetapes by "The Other Ones" (recorded in June this year) and, of course, there was Live-Music following afterwards.Well, a decision had to be made when the rainstorm began Friday night - and the decision was right: ll the bands played inside instead of the much bigger but rather wet stage outside. A world premiere: the first indoor Open Air Festival in a living-room - atmosphere.Both "Schluff Jull" and "Deadicace" played two totally different (and nonetheless fantasic) shows on Fri./Sat. and Sat./Sun. - and Billy Goodman (and one Virgin - his bass player Andrew Krell) played a great show on Saturday night.Schluff Jull is a German band with a very unique sound. Though I don´t know the name of any of the titles they played (all their own material) you have to believe me that it was just great - their musical roots can be found for sure in the late 60´s Psychedelic Rock but they´re far apart from being an antagonism. The band is inspired by so many musical directions as for instance Folk, Jazz, Soul, and Blues that it is absolutely impossible to describe their sound with words. You simply have to listen to their music...Schluff Jull (founded in 1985) played material of their first CD "Heartlines" (recorded live) and they also presented their latest CD "Circlin´ Round A Sun" (Taxim-Records) which is - as far as I am concerned - a real masterpiece.Billy Goodman opened up with a beautiful version of Lowell George´s legendary hymn "Willin"´. He presented well-known classics like "Friend of the devil", "Black Peter"and "GDTRFB" as well as his and his brother´s compositions (for example "Lost Highway") and his final gift to us was an ecstatic "Good Shepherd" by the early Airplane (at this point you would really notice tears in some people´s eyes). I would have enjoyed some more encores, but - as he also sang "You Can´t Always Get What You Want"...But there was more music comin´around: Deadicace from Paris (founded in 1990).I may be excused that I can´t really remember the first Deadicace-show on Friday night, but there were some reasons for it ... (pooh!). All I can remember is that there was a lot of jamming in the air.But the second Deadicace-show on Saturday (or shall I say Sunday morning?) will stay in my mind forever. This one featured among many others a fantastic "Feel Like A Stranger", "Franklin´s Tower", "Sugaree", "Shakedown Street" and the CSN&Y piece "Long Time Gone" which opened the first set brilliantly. "Here Comes Sunshine", "Don´t Let Go" and "Bird Song" came about like long-forgotten friends and the latter closed the first set just perfectly. "Scarlet > Fire" and the following "Standing On The Moon > Not Fade Away" were just fantastic and "Morning Dew" was another climax of this show and the pearl of the second set. And I will certainly never forget a very moving "We Bid You Goodnight" - the best way to say "goodnight" to the Deadhead Family.Everybody involved made the nights turn into day, and almost none noticed that it was not until 4 in the morning that they stopped playing.Time to take a rest for all of us - musicians and audience. And time to wonder why there can´t be more festivals like that in Good Old Germany.To me this had been the very first visit to this festival ground and also the first time ever to hear all of the bands - and I wouldn´t want to miss this event in a lifetime.So gather ´round people and let us wait what tomorrow brings ... I just don´t know - maybe another "FEIER on the mountain"!?!Björn Eric Münz (PapaBear)DEADICACE SETLISTS:Friday 21 AugustRain > Viola Lee Blues, Love the One You´re With, Friend of the Devil, That´s what love will make you do, Jack Straw, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, When Push Comes to Shove (?) The Lee Shore>What are their names> Eyes of the World > Playing in the Band, Cold Rain and Snow, I Need a Miracle > Bertha > Wharf Rat, Deal Saturday Sat 22 AugustLong Time Gone > Here Comes Sunshine > Hey Pocky Way, How Sweet it is, Loose Lucy, Spanish Moon, Help on the Way > Slipknot > Franklin´s Tower, Hawaiian Lei´ing music (!), Shakedown Street,Mississippi Half Step, Feel like A Stranger, Sugaree, Don´t Let Go, Bird Song, Truckin´ > The Other One > Morning Dew, One More Saturday Night Scarlet Begonias* > Fire on the Mountain*, Standing on the Moon* > NFA*, We Bid You Goodnight**3rd Set with Olaf Kalemba (guitar), Michael Becker (percussion), Hajo Lorenz (guitar, vocals on Scarlet Begonias & SOTM)Feier On the Mountain VCOSMIC CHARLIESFriday1st Set: Bertha, Feel Like A Stranger, Mr Charly, Cats Under The Stars, Maggie’s Farm, Tennessee Jed, Heaven Help The Fool, Weather Report Suite2nd Set: Truckin‘, Smokestack Lightning, Big Railroad Blues, China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider, Black-Throated Wind, Friend of the Devil, Dear Prudence, Samson and DelilahSaturday1st Set: Jack Straw, ??, Picasso Moon, Cassidy, Sugaree, Me & My Uncle, Big River, Peggy O., Dancing In the Streets,2nd Set: Jessica*, Scarlet Begonias*>Fire On the Mountain*, Saint Stephen, The Eleven, Turn On Your Lovelight, Valentine Jam, Shakedown Street, Eyes of the World*, Lay Down Sally, Stella BlueRehearsal Thursday:Heaven Help the Fool, Dear Prudence, Weather Report Suite, Foolish Heart, Here Comes Sunshine>Runaway Jim>Here Comes Sunshine, ???Saturday afternoon** :Jessica*, Touch of Grey*, Next Time You See Me*, They Love Each Other**with Hajo Lorenz/ git & voc ** Brian: keyboards / Greg:Bass / Pat: drums / Mick, Andy, Hajo: guitar