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May 23 Varios Bar, Olten CH


May 23 Varios Bar,Olten CH

Best Friend - Walk The Street Alone - The King´s Combo - Barbed Wire - On The Run - You Are With Me - Friend Of The Devil - Willin´- Good Shepherd - Love Is A Test - Slow Down - Ship At Sea - Me & My Uncle - Boomer´s Story - Kind Hearted Woman - Johnny Anonymous - Evangeline - Counting On Youthe next morning...

Woooooooooowwwww! mit welch magischer athmosphäre Steve Kimock und Billy Goodman gestern die VarioBar in olten verzauberten... hingabe in voller schönheit, sphärischer höchstgenuss, edles erkunden neuer dimensionen, pure leidenschaft, im kleinen rahmen sooo GROSS...a biiig, deep THANK YOU for sharing these amazingly inspiring world of guitar magic with us... what a unique moment to treasure in our hearts... not to mention how carefully and lovely you were looking after your passionate "enjoyers"... *;-)ohh and wuhoooo, it went on and on like this... we travelled slowly slowly into a rural part of olten - towards wisen - to the beautifully charismatic sweet home of Andreas Fonsi.. a great bunch of people were sitting togetha, sharing very special moments, being entertained by various background vocals from spross (...!) and at the same time being part of STEVE's and hajo's and the other guitar soul's JAM... it blew the all of us into a truly fulfilling and grateful space... wow... yeah... during the whole night... until 7 am... what a great experience to fall quietly in a peacefula cosy sleep... Sandra & Martina